Time to Re-Tire?

Tire age is a crucial part to your safety on the road. Recently ABC’s 20/20 program aired a segment reporting how the inner layers of a tire slowly decompose from age, drying out and causing a higher potential for dramatic tread separation. Tires actually separate while in motion despite the visual appearance of an outer deep tread. Several incidents have been reported and several lawsuits are pending.

It is important to know that every tire has a cryptic code of four numbers at the end of the 12-digit Department of Transportation (DOT) serial number. It documents the week and year the tires were manufactured. This number can be found on the outside edge of the tire. For example, if the last four numbers are 4007, the tires were manufactured in the 40th week of 2007. According to the experts interviewed on ABC News, tires older than six years get increasingly more dangerous regardless of how long they have been on the road. Before purchasing your next set of tires, it is important to know the manufacture date.

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