30K, 60K, 90K Auto Repair Services

Is it time for your vehicle’s 30K 60K or 90K service? We are the secret the car dealers don’t want you to know! A new car is a big investment. You only want the best care given to your vehicle and at Mike’s Auto Service, we can perform your regular scheduled maintenance, along with the 30K 60K and 90K services and it will not void your new car warranty. We can save you time and money. The average 60K service consists of a complete and thorough inspection of the entire car.
The inspection includes checking all: belts, hoses, fluid levels, exhaust system, connections, alignment, tune-up parts and brakes; cleaning the battery and terminals, perform an oil and filter service, transmission service, and changing the air filter. Some cars require a coolant service or minor tune-up consisting of changing the spark plugs. 30K and 90K services require the complete inspection, cleaning the battery and cables; oil and oil filter change, air filter and coolant service. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, 30K 60K and 90K services start at $269.

We don’t skimp on our service or products. For your files, we will give you a receipt of the services performed and authorize your owner’s manual to keep your warranty valid. If you believe you need a 30K 60K or 90K mile service please call Mike’s Auto Repair Service at 714-375-3145 today and we’ll set up an appointment.