ASE Certified Technicians

Only ASE Certified Technicians will work on your vehicle at Mike’s Auto Repair.  You may ask why being ASE Certified is so important in the automotive industry.  The reason is ASE Certified Technicians have excellent experience, skills and knowledge. To become certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), technicians must pass at least one of the ASE’s 40-plus exams and provide proof of two years of relevant work experience.  ASE exams are no cinch to pass; approximately one out of three of those tested fails.  prior to taking ASE exams, many technicians attend training classes or study after work in order to sharpen their skills. 

Our technicians at Mike’s Auto Service stay current on changing tecnology.  Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever, and mistakes can be costly. Technicians with ASE credentials keep their skills current and must be retested every five years to remain certified. 

Our technicians are committed to quality and have invested the time to earn ASE certifications.  We are proud of our technicians here at Mike’s Auto Repair Service for they take pride in their work and it shows in the service they provide to our customers.