Power Car Antenna Care

Have you ever had your automatic or power antenna sticking up when you’re outside the car with the ignition key in hand?

We pay little attention to the automatic or power antenna until it is often too late or it is hanging off the side of the car. The antenna mast requires little maintenance but what it does need is periodic cleaning. A simple good wipe with the radio turned on while hand washing the car’s exterior can keep your antenna mast running smoothly up and down.

If you take your car to the automatic car wash, don’t forget to turn your radio off or your antenna mast may not be so automatic anymore! If your antenna doesn’t work properly, many times we can replace just the mast to restore its’ operation. Let us check it out for you.

If you suspect that you need Power Car Antenna service don’t delay, call Mike’s Auto in Huntington Beach at 714-375-3145 they will set up an appointment for you to bring your car in.