Fuel Pumps

One of the most important preventative maintenance tips we can give you is to keep your fuel tank at least half-full. This accomplishes two things. First, you’ll never be caught with an empty tank and second, condensation will be less likely to take place, keeping water out of your fuel tank.

Condensation in the gas tank causes an accumulation of water. Because water is heavier than gasoline, it settles to the bottom of the tank and eventually works its way to the fuel system. Once moisture gets cold, fuel flow is blocked and the engine may not start on a cold morning. Most vehicles that are fuel injected have the fuel pump located inside the gas tank. The pump can be damaged from overheating when the fuel level is too low because the fuel pump is cooled by the gasoline that surrounds it.

Though gasoline prices are high it costs no more to keep a tank at least half full and in the long run it will help prevent a very costly repair.

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