Hoses and Belts

Many new cars have several hoses but only one belt. This makes service and important issue. Ask your technician to check these for any cracks or serrated edges. Mushy feeling or swollen hoses need to be replaced. Check your owner’s manual for belt/hose replacement schedules. If you have lots of miles on your vehicle, you might want to do a complete change over before the hot spring and summer months.

Serpentine Belt
A broken serpentine belt can cause overheating, loss of power steering and a dead battery. Most vehicles are equipped with a single drive belt that operates all belt driven accessories. It should be inspected and replaced when it shows signs of wear or deterioration.

If you suspect that you need engine hoses or serpentine belt replacement don’t delay, call Mike’s Auto in Huntington Beach at 714-375-3145 they will set up an appointment for you to bring your car in.