Power Steering Service

A power steering service performed at Mike’s Auto Service removes residue from the entire steering system, ensuring smooth, quiet operation while preventing leaks, sticking, and wear of parts.

The entire power steering system is flushed and replenished with new fluid in one operation without entrapment of air within the components.  The flush removes contaminated fluid, abrasive wear metals and debris that grind away at valves and seals.

A cleaner is used that removes accumulated residues from the power steering system, including, pumps, lines, racks and valves. Then a specially designed conditioner is added to help prevent power steering unit leaks, provide smooth operation and eliminate squealing. It fortifies any power steering fluid, cleans and smoothes internal springs and valves to help eliminate sticking, and reduces parts wear. It also conditions and helps protect seals against drying and shrinking to prevent fluid leakage.

The power steering flush kit includes a revolutionary 100{344a993326af06352e84342ebdc778dc0d76031869f14c632928ca25d6287043} synthetic formulation designed for use in all power steering systems and under all conditions. The extremely high viscosity index of this fluid means that it does not appreciably then when hot nor thicken when cold.

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