Why Shocks?

When your vehicle’s wheels hit a hole or a bump in the road, the springs compress and rebound, absorbing shock that would otherwise be transmitted directly to your car and its occupants. If the care were equipped only with springs, its body would bounce up and down for some time after hitting a bump or pothole. Shock absorbers control and release energy from the springs and dampen or eliminate unwanted motion in the suspension. Thus the shock absorbers play a major role in how well your vehicle rides, handles, and brakes. A shock absorber is the key component for maintaining tire-to-road contact.

Are your car’s shocks worn out?

The following are symptoms of worn-out shocks:

  • The nose of your car dives when you apply the brakes
  • The car leans excessively when you corner or change lanes
  • The steering responds clumsily, as if you’re driving a boat
  • The car moves up and down several times (“floats”) after you hit a bump or dip in the road.
  • The suspension “bottoms out” when you hit a large bump or pothole.

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