Sounds Vehicles Make

DO YOU HEAR THAT? What Sound is your vehicle making?

As the owner of a vehicle, you know it is helpful to be aware of sounds your vehicle may make.  Sounds from the engine, transmission, tires, and exhaust system are common.  Should you hear an abnormal sound, it is important that you listen carefully so you can describe the sound to Mike.

The types of sounds listed below may assist you in providing a more accurate description so we can provide you the best service possible.

BOOMLow resonant sound, like a drum roll, distant thunder or sonic boom. BUZZLow-pitched sound, like a bee, usually associated with vibrations. CHATTERA rapid, repeating high-pitched chirping sound, like a bird.  CLANGA heavy sound of metal striking metal, like a cow bell.  CLICK Similar to a clang, but with a higher pitch. GRIND An abrasive sound, like a grinding wheel or sandpaper rubbing on wood.  GROANA continuous, low-pitched sound. HISS A continuous sound, like air escaping from a tire or balloon. HUMContinuous sounds a t various pitches, like wires humming in the wind. KNOCKA heavy, loud, repeating sound, like someone knocking on a door.  PINGSimilar to a knock, only at a higher pitch. ROARA deep, loud, prolonged sound, like a lion’s roar. RUMBLE A low, heavy, continuous sound, like thunder. SQUEAKA continuous, high-pitched sound, like rubbing a clean window. SQUEALA continuous, high-pitched sound, like tires squealing on pavement. WHIRA high-pitched buzzing sound, similar to an electric drill or blender.  WHISTLEA sharp, shrill sound, similar to a tin whistle.