Brake Service

Screeching when coming to a stop

The most common sign that the brakes are wearing out is a high-pitched squeal or screech coming from the brakes when you’re slowing to a stop. This is caused by a metal shim that is designed to make noise when the brake pads get too thin. If you take the car in for servicing as soon as you hear this sound, you can usually save yourself some money on brake repair by only replacing the pads.

Grinding sound when stopping

If the brake pads get too thin, eventually you’ll starting hearing a grinding sound when you apply the brakes. This usually means that the calipers are making direct contact with the drums or rotors. In most cases, this means you’ll have to replace those drums along with the brake pads.

Lots of “give” in the pedal

The thinner the brake pads get, the further you have to depress the brake pedal to slow the car. Your brake pedal can also feel “mushy” if your brake fluid is low or if there are air pockets in the brake line. In any case, a mushy pedal usually means it’s time to have the car looked at.

“Pulling” to one side or the other when stopping

Sometimes your brake pads will wear unevenly, causing your vehicle to pull to the left or right when you apply the brake. Inconsistencies or impurities in the brake fluid can also cause this to happen. If you feel this pulling motion, it’s likely time for brake service.

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