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What is a tune up?


The term tune up is relatively vague. It has existed since the invention of automobiles, or quite possibly before, and refers to tune the carburetor. The car is the mechanical device that would feed engines fuel. We no longer use this on cars today as they are generally fuel injected, so why is the term still around?


Today tune up refers to general on the go maintenance needs that are not necessarily a part of factory scheduled maintenance services. There are many different services that could be part of a tune up, such as replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires, installing a new air filter or fuel filter, replacing the battery or conducting fluid flush services. So when could it be time for a tune up?


Decreased power


Is your car or truck struggling to get up to speed? This is dangerous and it is an issue because it could cause additional traffic woes in our already jammed freeways. Head to the repair shop to have your car serviced to ensure that it is safe to operate.


Falling MPGs


Corroded spark plugs will cause misfiring, which could result in a massive drop in fuel efficiency. Another issue could be a clogged air filter. If not enough air can make its way to the combustion chamber the vehicle will compensate by burning additional gasoline. This is referred to as running rich and can result in many problems.


Rough idle


If your car sounds like it is going to die while parked at a stop light or stop sign it is likely time to get in for a tune up. These issues often require minor maintenance to get the car back to its healthy self.


At Honest Auto Service it is our mission to keep your car running great for years and years, so come see us when it’s time for a tune up and we will have you in and out in no time. Our full service auto maintenance facility is staffed by knowledgeable technicians who are willing to answer any questions you may have!


For engine tune-up service or spark plug replacement in Huntington Beach visit Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair.  

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