Coolant & Hoses

Why should I change the coolant in my vehicle and at what mileage?

Coolant is a very important fluid that protects your cooling system components. As your engine heats and cools, deposits of metal are introduced into your radiator.  This is a normal process.  As this happens, the PH of your antifreeze and water mixture is changing and can be very corrosive causing your engine, radiator, water pump and other cooling system components to collect metal deposits.  These deposits cause early failure of cooling system components. Your vehicle will run hotter which will also shorten the life of your engine and transmission.  Changing your coolant, by having a cooling system exchange can help extend the life of your vehicle.  Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, it is usually recommended at every 60,000.

When should I change my cooling system hoses?

Depending on the make and model and driving patterns, it is recommended to have hoses inspected regularly.  As hoses age, they become soft and mushy which can cause swelling or they can harden creating cracks.  Both symptoms can cause the hoses to either blow or vehicle to overheat which could strand you and potential damage your engine.  As a preventative maintenance, it is recommended to change your radiator hoses every 90,000 to 110,000 miles.

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