A check engine light is not necessarily an indication of a major repair. Recently, Mark Y. came to Val & Mike’s Auto Beach Cities Auto Repair after his check engine light came on.  The first step Mark took was replacing his gas cap with a factory OEM part.  It only makes sense, in a 2008 Toyota 4 Runner that is running perfectly, to change the gas cap first due to the rubber deteriorating.  When rubber deteriorates around the gas cap, it causes an evaporative leak which will activate the check engine light.

The new gas cap did not clear the check engine light and it was necessary for Mark to bring his 4 Runner to the Check Engine Light Specialists at Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair.  Performing a couple of diagnostic tests, our Smog Technician found computer codes indicating the Toyota 4 Runner had an evaporate leak.  He then proceeded to perform a smoke test which clearly indicated small leaks detected at the evaporative hoses.  The solution, inspect condition of the evaporative hoses and tighten, recheck fuel cap to make sure it was secure by turning it three times clockwise, clear the codes and test drive. Evaporative system now working correctly and Mark was happy that his vehicle problem was solved.

A check engine light on your dash can be an annoying and sometimes aggravating, but it is a dash light that should not be ignored.  If you have questions on your check engine light or want to discuss running symptoms related to your check engine light, call us at 714-375-3145.  Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Service is your Check Engine Light and Smog Repair Specialist.  For more information on Check Engine lights checkout our YouTube Video.  Place You Tube Link