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Failed Smog due to High HC’s

Did your vehicle fail smog due to high hc’s (hydrocarbons)? There are some common causes for your vehicle HC’s to be too high. Hydrocarbons are basically raw fuel. High HC is almost always a sign of poor fuel ignition. However it’s not always that the engine’s ignition system is responsible for high HC emissions. Below are some common causes for high Hydrocarbons.

1. Improper ignition timing – engine ignition timing is measured in degrees before or after top dead center. Late model vehicles may not have a distributor and thus the timing is controlled by the Engine Control Unit or ECU.
2. Defective ignition components – your vehicle’s ignition system is composed of ignition coils, distributor, distributor cap, distributor rotor, ignition wires and spark plugs. (Note: engines without a distributor do not have the distributor components) If any of these components are defective the engine will produce high HC levels. The most common cause of these components failing is carbon buildup. High voltage flowing through the air pockets in these components form carbon which acts as an insulator between paths of electricity.
3. Lean fuel mixture – Any condition which will cause unmetered air to enter the intake manifold will cause high (HC). This condition is called a lean miss-fire. Such faults as vacuum leaks and gasket leaks will cause lean fuel/air mixtures. Broken, disconnected or misrouted vacuum hoses will do the same. It is also important to note that many engine components rely on engine vacuum for proper operation. If any of these components are defective, externally or internally, they may cause large vacuum leaks as well. A good example of such a component is your vehicle’s power brake booster.
4. A defective catalytic converter

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