Are you hearing a ticking sound in your vehicle, especially when you first start it up? Is your low oil pressure warning light on your dash?  If so, that sound and that light are alerting you that your vehicle may be low on oil. The first thing you want to do is check your oil and if low, add oil according to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications. But in some cases, ticking and a low oil warning light could be a more serious problem as in the case of our customer Jennifer B.  2006 GMC – Yukon came in with a ticking sound coming from the engine lifters.  The oil warning light was on the dash, but our technician found that their oil level was full, but dirty and the condition was slightly sludgy.  In some cases oil sludge can cause a mechanical failure if the sludge becomes too thick and not removed.

The fix was to remove the oil sludge, but as the technician removed the oil pan to clean the sludge, he found that the oil pickup screen was plugged and the o-ring was dry at the oil pump allowing air to flow freely causing the oil pressure to drop. By cleaning the sludge from oil pickup screen, replacing the oil pump o-ring and changing the oil the GMC was running perfectly and ticking noise gone.