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Why are proper fluid levels and clean filters vital to a car?

Proper fluid levels and clean filters are vital.  In addition to the grit, dirt and other foreign matter which enters the engine and transmission from outside air and other sources, your car also creates its own contaminants through condensation, chemical reactions and wear. Some parts could self-destruct if they were not protected by filters and the proper fluids.

What does the air filter do and how often should I change it?

The vehicle’s air filter keeps abrasive dust, dirt, bugs and other foreign matter out of your engine air intake system.  Protecting the air intake system with a clean air filter can prevent possible check engine light repairs. The air filter should be checked with every oil change and depending on your driving pattern should be replaced regularly.

How often should I change my transmission fluid and filter?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the transmission fluid should be changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.  Also depending on the make and model of the vehicle, it is recommended to replace the transmission fluid filter and transmission pan gasket.  The transmission filter collects dirt and metal shavings protecting the transmission.  Replacing the transmission pan gasket prevents transmission fluid leaks and allows the technician to clean the transmission pan from debris.  Like motor oil, clean transmission fluid keeps the transmission free of debris and lubricated.

How often should I change my fuel filter and what does it do?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the fuel filter should be replaced every 60,000 miles.  The fuel filter traps rust, sediment and other particles that would otherwise enter the engine and inhibit your vehicle’s performance.

How often should I change my oil filter and what does it do?

The oil filter should be changed with every oil change.  Depending on the age of your vehicle, the type of oil you use and the make and model, an oil change should be performed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.  The oil filter traps dirt, metal filings and sludge, allowing only filtered motor oil to circulate through the engine.  A clogged or dirty oil filter allows contaminated motor oil to circulate and cause excessive engine wear.

What does the cabin air filter do?

The cabin air filter prevents contaminants such as pollen, dust, mold spores and smog to enter in a vehicle’s passenger compartment through the air conditioning, heating and ventilation system.

By replacing your cabin air filter regularly you can protect yourself from these contaminants.  Cabin air filters clean the incoming air and remove allergens. If the cabin air filter is not replaced regularly, it will cause musty odors in the vehicle and overtime, the heater and air conditioner may become damaged by corrosion.  A dirty or clogged cabin air filter actually causes passengers to breathe more fumes and particles when riding in the car that they would walking down the street.

What are some money saving maintenance tips?
  1. Avoid quick starts and aggressive driving. A smooth, steady speed saves gasoline and reduces wear and tear on the engine, tires, transmission and brakes.
  2. Use overdrive and cruise control. Overdrive gears slow engine speed which save gasoline and reduces wear.  Cruise control constant speed reduces gasoline consumption.
  3. Check tire pressure. A single tire under-inflated by just 8psi can lose 9K from its life span and increase fuel consumption.
  4. Reduce drag. Remove roof racks and other heavy items from the trunk.  An extra 100 pounds can decrease fuel economy by 1-2{344a993326af06352e84342ebdc778dc0d76031869f14c632928ca25d6287043}.
  5. Preventative maintenance is everything. Replacing a clogged air filter can increase fuel efficiency by 10{344a993326af06352e84342ebdc778dc0d76031869f14c632928ca25d6287043}.  A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 30{344a993326af06352e84342ebdc778dc0d76031869f14c632928ca25d6287043}.  A well maintained vehicle saves you money, reduces harmful emissions and makes the roads safer for everyone.

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