Auto repairs can be costly, but when a vehicle is properly maintained, the cost of maintenance is worth the addition to the monthly budget to minimize costly repairs. Our friend Tiffany S. from Santa Ana came to Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair on a friend’s recommendation.  Looking for a trusted auto mechanic, Tiffany called with her laundry list of things she wanted us to inspect.  She was happy to learn that with our oil and filter service, we do a full vehicle inspection, including measuring the brakes, rotating the tires and testing the battery.

After the technician thoroughly inspected Tiffany’s 2006 Scion XB, he prioritized the necessary safety repairs and the maintenance services.  The Scion, in good condition, needed rear brakes, a necessary maintenance that was on top of the priority list.   The rear brake shoes had worn to under 1mm, where new brake shoe material measures at 5mm. Next on the priority list, but not a safety issue, was the transmission fluid.  The inspection found the fluid to be dark.  Depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendation, transmission fluid should be changed every 60,000 miles.  This is a maintenance service, if done consistently, will prolong the transmission’s life.  The third item that made the list of concerns, but not a priority at this time was the tires.  With the tread wearing down, Mike was able to suggest to Tiffany that tires will need to be replaced at her next oil change. Tiffany budgeted for her brakes and transmission fluid exchange and was appreciative that her concerns were prioritized so she was empowered to make decisions on her vehicle.