Oil Change

Oil Change

When doing an oil change, along with our 22 Point Maintenance Service, there are two important parts of the service. They are to change the engine oil and filter and then perform an inspection to catch any failures that are happening or going to happen. It is generally less expensive and definitely safer to catch a problem in the early stages of the failure. We will often find a list of needs on each car especially on cars taken to “quick lubes” for service.

The quick lube employees that are changing your oil are rarely technicians and do not have the knowledge or experience to recognize problems. When we find and recommend needed repairs, we do so based on industry standards and policies. It is often difficult to call a customer with a long list of needs knowing we may ruin their day. We will only call to tell you your car needs repairs if it really does. We will prioritize your vehicles repairs and we are happy to explain what we recommend. We always strive to do what is right for the customer.

If you suspect that you need an oil service don’t delay, call Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair  in Huntington Beach at 714-375-3145 they will set up an appointment for you to bring your car in.

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