When your auto mechanic tells you it is time to get a new car, it’s time to listen.  Before signing on the dotted line at the car dealership or with a private party, bring the vehicle to Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair for a pre-purchase Inspection.

Even when buying a newer model used car, it makes sense to have a pre-purchase inspection done just to confirm everything visually is in good condition.  Usually with newer cars, a Maintenance Inspection will suffice, especially if you have a copy of all the service records, but with older cars a more thorough inspection is recommend, for example, the AAA Pre-Purchase Inspection.  The AAA Pre-Purchase Inspection entails a road test, inspection of exterior, interior, luggage compartment, air conditioning and heating system, electronic system, cooling system, measuring the brakes, inspection of the frontend, all engine components and all fluid conditions.  The inspection usually takes a couple of hours and the cost is about $100 and can be done while you wait with an appointment.

Another precautionary service to consider when buying a previously owned vehicle is having a Diagnostic Test done to confirm there are no check engine light codes or pending codes. In our 20 years in business, we had two incidences where the seller cleared the computer codes prior to selling the vehicle.  The check engine light appeared after the vehicle was purchased and one purchaser was left with the hassle of going back to the previous owner for the repairs and the other was left with the expense of fixing it and the Smog Test.

FYI – In the State of California the seller of the vehicle is responsible for the Smog Test and the repairs involved if it fails smog, unless it is agreed to by the purchaser to take responsibility for the Smog Test and all repairs associated with it.  We would recommend that agreement between both parties be put in writing.

Being a AAA approved auto repair shop and a Smog Test and Repair Station, know that we can perform your pre-purchase inspection and smog your vehicle for change of ownership.