Wheel Repair Service

Wheel Repair Service


How does alloy wheel repair and refurbishment work? Alloy wheels are a popular car feature to add style and make the wheels look nicer. And some alloy designs can be very intricate, and expensive to replace. Unfortunately, alloys are also very easy to damage during driving – even lightly catching them on a raised kerb can cause scratches. The good news is that alloy wheels are simple and relatively inexpensive to repair. The refurbishment is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your car and help keep its resale value high. SMART repair involves repairing just the damaged area and blending it with the surrounding alloy. It means you don’t need to refurbish the entire wheel. However, SMART repair is not suitable for large areas of damage, where full alloy wheel refurbishment is a better option. For wheel repair service in Huntington Beach, visit Val & Mike’s Beach Cities Auto Repair.  

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